Leslie Lynne White

Animation | Medical Art | Visual Storytelling



I'm an animator and illustrator living in the San Francisco Bay Area. I am passionate about translating complex scientific concepts into beautiful and entertaining visuals, and using science to inspire my personal artwork.


Originally from Chicago, I grew up loving art, animation, and science. In 2011, I moved to the Bay Area to live my dream of being a 3D animator. My artwork has been featured on National Geographic, the Colbert Report, and numerous climate science websites. I spend my free time drawing, hiking, and attending local art/science lectures.


3D (Maya 2016)

     Modeling: box modeling, 3D sculpting, game asset creation

     Texturing: bump, specular, normals, and UV mapping

     Rigging and Animation: FK/IK character rigging and animation

     Lighting, mental ray rendering, storyboard creation, and final compositing


2D (Adobe Animate and After Effects)

     Educational animations


Fine Art

     Illustration (graphite, pastel, ink, digital)

     Painting (oil, watercolor, digital)

     Graphic Design (diagrams/graphs/infographics)

     Digital photography



Contact: leslielwhite@gmail.com

Resume available upon request




Master of Science in Biomedical Visualization | 2011 University of Illinois at Chicago

Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art | 2009 University of Iowa



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