Animation | Illustration | Visual Storytelling

My name is Leslie White. I am an animator based in San Mateo, California.

I have been animating and telling stories for 6 years. As an expert in the Adobe Creative Suite and Maya, I am prepared to deliver highly polished work in short time frames. I have a background in medicine and science, which allows me to comfortably take even the most complex concepts and transform them into beautiful visuals.


I've been lucky to collaborate with some great people/studios, and my

portfolio has been featured by National Geographic, ESPN, Body Worlds, and numerous climate science websites. When I'm not animating, I am running, painting, and planning a new Aquascape!


So come on! Tell me your story.



2D and 3D animation

Concept development/illustration

Storyboard creation

Script writing and story development

Graphic design, branding design

Photography and digital editing


Who/what is AnimationSquib?

A "squib" is a small firework. I adopted the AnimationSquib handle a while back as an online ID for my blog and social media accounts.



Contact: leslielwhite@gmail.com

Resume available upon request




MS in Biomedical Visualization | 2011 University of Illinois at Chicago

BFA in Art | 2009 University of Iowa

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